FILM & TV composer – Tay Uhler

“COUNTDOWN TO APOCALYPSE” (History Channel) score 2013
“BOUNTY WARS” (Discovery Channel) score 2013
“HOW SEX CHANGED THE WORLD” (score History Channel) 2013
“MARY KNOWS BEST” (Bravo) score 2013
“GANGSTERS, AMERICA’S MOST EVIL” (History Channel) 2013 score
“INSECTS IN THE CITY” (the Science Channel) score 2013
“10 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT” (History Channel Score) 2012 “URBAN TARZAN” (score for Spike TV) 2012
“I’M HAVING THEIR BABY” (Oxygen Ch.) score
“ADDICTED” (score Netflix) 2011
“GOOD MEN” 2011 short film by Brian Connors (Ed Asner & Mark Rydell)
“HBO PROJECT” (in production) 2010
“THE ADOPTION DIARIES” – WE Network Original Music 2010
“DISNEY PROJECT” – Mattel Corp. Original Music
“THE LOCATOR” -Asylum Entertainment, WE Network – Score for series
“OUTRAGE”-Spirit Films. – Film Score (view the poster)
“DISNEY PICTIONARY DVD” – Disney and Mattel Corp. Original Music
“DISNEY PRINCESS DREAM JOURNEY DVD Board Game.” – Disney, Mattel, Screenlife. Original Music
“CONQUERING DRAGON CASTLE” Matchbox Missions Ep. #1 – Mattel Corp.
“Y.M.I” – (A Merek Probozs Film & Temple4 Films) Original Score
“ALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE MUSICAL” – (Bill Osco) Original Score and Songs with Wah Wah Watson
“REVERSAL” – (A Tim Reil Film) Sound Design, Additional Music & Mix
“INVASION OF THE HIDDEN CAMERAS” – (Fox Network) Opening Theme & Score for series
MONSTERS, INC. ‘Splatter Dome’ – Score, Hasbro
“GLOBAL TRIBE” – opening theme for National Geographic series
“UNAUTHORIZED: THE MARY LETOURNEAU STORY” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour movie special
“THE 70’s: THE DECADE THAT CHANGED TELEVISION”-(Museum of Television & Radio, ABC Network) Score for 2 hour special
“AFTER DIFF’RENT STROKES – WHEN THE LAUGHTER STOPPED” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour movie special
“GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER -THE JONBENET RAMSEY STORY” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour movie special
“DIAL H FOR HITCHCOCK: The Genius Behind The Showman” – (Universal, Encore) Score for documentary, 100th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock
“THE PRICE OF FAME” – (Fox Network) Score for two 1 hour specials
“BIZZARE WORLD” – (Fox Network) Theme and Score for two 1 hour specials
“The LIFE AND TRIALS OF ALLY McBEAL” – (Fox Network) additional score to 1 hour End-of- season Special
“INFLUENCES” – (Museum of Television & Radio, CBS Network)Theme and Score for 2 hour special
“THE WORLD’S NASTIEST NEIGHBORS” – (Fox Network) Theme & Score for 1 hour special
“PAYBACK” – (NBC Network) Theme & Score for 1 hour special
“AMERICA’S TEENAGERS; GROWING UP ON TELEVISION” -(ABC Network) Opening Theme & score for 2 hour Network Special
“MAKING OF THE TITANIC” – (Fox Network) Additional scoring to 1 hour special
“THE DOOMSDAY PLAN” – (TBS) Score for 1 hour special
“STOPPING THE STALKERS” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour special
“VIDEO JUSTICE 2” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour special
“AND NOW THIS” (Nickelodeon) Opening theme and score
“VIDEO JUSTICE” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour special
“WHEN DISASTERS STRIKE 2” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour special
“THE GRAMMY COUNTDOWN SHOW” – (CBS Network) Opening Theme & background music under Paul Schafer
“CLOSE CALLS 2” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour special
“WHEN DISASTERS STRIKE” – (Fox Network) Score for 1 hour special
TALES FROM THE CRYPT “SMOKE WRINGS” – (Tales From The Crypt Productions, HBO) Score
“SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL” – (Rosanne Barr Co., Fox Network) Score for “Blood”, “The Stand Off”, “Java Island”
“EPCOT JOURNEY TO DISCOVERY” – (Disney) Score for 1 hour special
“OUT THERE” COMEDY CENTRAL – (The English Channel Productions, HBO) Opening & Closing Theme
MTV MOVIE AWARDS 1995 – (MTV, Dakota North Films) Scored reenactments
“NICKELODEON BING” – (Nickelodeon} Opening theme, Score for series & Sweetening
“DUFFS” 3 COMMERCIALS – (World Enterprises, Peralta Films) Arranged and recorded music themes, Audio Post and Sweetening
“THE WILDSIDE” – (A film by Donald Cammel) Sound Design
“INTERVIEW WITH BLACULA” – (Dakota North Films, MTV Productions) Score for movie trailer
“DEFENDERS OF THE FUTURE” – (Burt Wheeler Productions, Tribune Entertainment) Opening theme and score
“GENERATION X” – Z.M. Productions, MCA Universal) Score for pilot
“STAR TEST” – (Buena Vista Productions) Opening Theme and score
“NICKELODEON WILD SIDE SHOW” – (Ken Walz Productions) Opening theme & score for series, Nominated for Cable “ACE AWARD”
“TANDEM FLIGHT” – (Big Sky Films) Score
“SUNDAY COMICS” – (Dakota North Films, Fox Network) Scored special segments
“ANGEL FLIGHT” – (Visual Enterprises) Score
“ROLLING THUNDER” – (Scott Dittrich Films & Mitsubishi) Score
“ROCKY & BULLWINKLE” – (Buena Vista Home Video) Score for promo’s
“PROPAGANDA” – (Powell-Peralta) Score
“BAN THIS” – (Powell-Peralta) Score
“SK8 TV” – (Nickelodeon/Binder Entertainment) Musical Director, Opening theme and score for series
“DEATH WARRANT” – (Pathe) Additional score with Gary Chang
“PUBLIC DOMAIN” – (Powell-Peralta)
“BACK TO THE BEACH” – (Paramount Pictures) Co-wrote title track
“GONE SURFING” – Scott Dittrich Films
“FOLLOW THE SUN” – Scott Dittrich Films
“SURFER VIDEO MAGAZINE” – Scott Dittrich Films & Surfer Magazine
“NEW LOVERS AND OLD FRIENDS” – (EPIC Records) Wrote title track for Johnny Rivers Album
“THE HOT ROCK” – (Twentieth Century Fox) Co-wrote title track “Listen To The Melody” with Quincy Jones.)

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